Problem gambling is an impulse control disorder that affects more men than women. While it is a social activity, it is also a dangerous activity. While some people can enjoy a game of chance on occasion, gambling can become an addiction. If you’ve noticed your gambling habit becoming more than a hobby, it may be time to seek help. Here are some symptoms to watch for. You might be addicted to gambling if:

Problem gambling is an impulse-control disorder

It’s no surprise that problem gamblers often conceal their actions from those around them. Besides lying about their gambling habits, they may borrow money from family members or friends to fund their addictions. Despite the obvious negative impact of their actions, most people who suffer from this impulse-control disorder still seek treatment. There are several options for treatment. One of these options is psychological therapy. In some cases, psychotherapy may be necessary.

It affects men more than women

In addition to the social differences, the perception of gambling outcomes is also different between men and women. According to a survey by NHS Health England, 0.3% of men and 0.8% of women are problem gamblers. However, some researchers have argued that men may underreport their problem gambling habits. The difference in perceptions of gambling outcomes between men and women may be due to different roles and socialization of the genders. As a result, men may perceive gambling as a socially acceptable way to display masculinity.

It is a social activity

The motivations of people involved in gambling differ. For instance, slot machine players may gamble for money, while video poker players gamble for enjoyment or to escape negative feelings. While some people participate in gambling solely for enjoyment, others engage in it as a means to avert negative feelings. This variation in motivation is largely due to temporal factors. Gamblers’ motivations may change over time, depending on their life circumstances and interests.

It is a risky game

It is a risky game when you let your ego get in the way of your strategic planning. If the majority is the ones concentrating on political reasons, then you have a problem. If they do, then you are in for a surprise! If the minority does not realize the preponderance of political factors in the game, they are prone to make mistakes and lose. But, it is never too late to change your mind and make wiser decisions.

It can lead to thoughts of suicide

Problem gambling is a common cause of suicidal thoughts. This type of addiction can ruin close relationships, lead to financial failure, and even cost you your job. It also has the highest suicide rate of any addiction, and many mental health disorders co-occur with problem gambling. More than a third of problem gamblers have suicidal thoughts at one time or another. While this figure is small, it is high enough to prompt thoughts of suicide in a person who is suffering from gambling addiction.